The Exchange brings some of the biggest names to one of the smallest rooms. Love this place. Keep it up.

Its ReVo
March 7, 2020 via Google

Bartenders were amazing. Thanks for a great night.

Jackie Johnston
February 17, 2020 via Google

The best place in Regina to hear music.

Jeremy Pilon
February 15, 2020 via Google

Great venue for shows. Love the atmosphere here.

Julia Hart
January 29, 2020 via Google

I don't think I've ever been to an event at the Exchange that I didn't enjoy, and I've been a semi-regular patron for more than a decade. They have a fantastic assortment of different types of events (some of which I've hosted myself over the years) and have always found the staff and especially ... Read more

Ryan Koskee
January 29, 2020 via Google

Was there sat night for winteruption folk fest. It was very good. The space was good without being crowded. The price for drinks was good and the music from the bands was great. It was my first time to both the exchange and folk fest and I would do it again. The price for the tickets was good given the ... Read more

John Krugal
January 26, 2020 via Google

Awesome to be able to share music and culture with my teenager, also awesome venue to visit with friends for drinks. Gnarly staff. All around great place to go with grown ups, and safe place to trust your kids to go see live music alone. Regina should cherrish this venue more!

Jennae Grace
January 19, 2020 via Google

Best venue for music with an an up close experience with great musicians

Larry N
October 31, 2019 via Google

Many unsung and amazing artists have exploded out of The Exchange and making their footprints in the world.

Joel Sopp
October 10, 2019 via Google

I love small venues to see bands you just know could make the big time! #bombargo

Drew Reed
September 29, 2019 via Google

Been there a few times n awesome place for bands. It was an amazing show Monday. Untiely demise, enforcer, n warbringer.

Trevor Hanson
September 18, 2019 via Google

Awesome venue with such a cool environment and setup. The staff are incredibly cool and easy going but also very professional. Can't go wrong with an evening at the exchange! Usually the best live music in town.

Eli Crowe
September 8, 2019 via Google

Love this venue! Pretty much THE go-to place for live music in Regina.

Diedrich Buck
August 11, 2019 via Google

I went to the exchange to see the band Monster Truck and the concert was amazing, the exchange was a perfect place for a rock and roll concert to be at. I cannot review the drink because I do not drink but the floors, bar, and bathroom were all clean and seemingly well kept. I will be returning if another ... Read more

Jake Martin
July 30, 2019 via Google

The Exchange is a special place to Regina. It has a wonderful atmosphere for whatever gig is occurring, lovely staff and is welcoming to everyone. It's a home away from home.

Tyler Trudel
June 5, 2019 via Google

I've been here several times, and I always have the best time! It's a great place to watch talented bands, and it may not be the biggest venue, but it sure does make us viewers closer to the band members. Always a blast going in there. The bartenders are also pretty chill & friendly.

Girlynne Gascon
June 4, 2019 via Google

Great place to see a show. Bartenders are awesome, bathrooms could use some work and some heat, they are chilly in there!

Jodi Holliday
May 13, 2019 via Google

Best music venue in the city with a good bar and some of the best artists coming through.

Guillaume Laroche
May 11, 2019 via Google

Love this venue for live bands and cultural events as well as the arts! The Supersuckers from Texas is a prime example of a live show!

Jason Goulet
May 10, 2019 via Google

Check out the band and then go. Probably one of the best live music places in the town.

mehrdad safaei
April 25, 2019 via Google

great place to check out popular and underground local, and international festivities

mykl sawblades
April 24, 2019 via Google

Rustic old building, great sound and show for Queen City Rocks!!

Betty Krienke
April 15, 2019 via Google

Classic spot. Lots of good events here.

Viravong Souriyavong
April 6, 2019 via Google

Awesome venue! I have filmed movies here as well as attended music shows. I'm here quite frequently!

Theresa McKnight
March 28, 2019 via Google

Always a good venue for a live show. Really enjoyed it.

James Howlett
February 14, 2019 via Google