Super great sound! Has awesome bands, shows almost every night, and tickets are pretty cheap. People you meet there are super chill and friendly too, and so are the staff. A security staff member had people crowdsurf a little kid at a show and the kid loved it. Was a really cool thing for the guy to do. One ... Read more

January 31, 2019 via Google

Great venue, excellent music!

January 29, 2019 via Google

First time seeing a show there it was great. Will be back.

December 5, 2018 via Google

Been going to shows here for years. Great place to see bands on the cheap. Usually is only 10 to 25 dollars to get in.

Liam Philson
November 28, 2018 via Google

I've always loved this venue

October 27, 2018 via Google

Great small venue for bands. Super cold beer at a decent price.

clint smid
October 24, 2018 via Google

Love the music.. the venue is very rustic and cool.

Karen Legendre
October 16, 2018 via Google

I couldn't give enough praise to this venue. Always deadly shows passing through!

MacKenzie Tumak
October 12, 2018 via Google

great place to go for a cheap show and a cold drink

Sarah Furutani
August 13, 2018 via Google

Always a great place to catch a show. Nice building and decent bathrooms for a venue

Brett Tinant
May 11, 2018 via Google

This is one of my favourite places to see a live show in Western Canada!

Ward Paterson
March 29, 2018 via Google

The real McCoy for hosting live music in an intimate, lightly seedy setting.

Chadwin Penny
March 27, 2018 via Google

Decent venue, reasonable drink prices. I leave a bit deafer every time I see a show here

Kaj Jensen
March 8, 2018 via Google

One of the few cultural hubs in Regina. Great performances and shows. Sometimes they have two shows going on at the same time which is great. I just wish there was more support from Regina two places like exchange. They support the local artist of Saskatchewan and also bringing talents from other ... Read more

farzod darzi
February 13, 2018 via Google

Small enough for a more intimate performance. but lots of people come just to hang and talk so it can get too loud to hear the solo artists .

James S
December 21, 2017 via Google

Really cool local club. Great staff and good sound!

Shannon Jahnke
September 25, 2017 via Google

Great, intimate venue that caters to every type of musical taste. Staff are always helpful and friendly.

Lisa Phillipson
September 8, 2017 via Google

This place consistently brings in a plethora of diverse bands from all over and helps showcase local talent. It should be commended.

Aaron M
May 1, 2017 via Google