The Exchange

About Us


The Exchange is a vibrant performance centre in the heart of Regina’s Warehouse district which serves as a community cultural centre for Regina and for the province as a whole. Drama, visual art, games, seminars, dance workshops and performances, poetry readings, film screenings and book launches are some of the varied activities that have complimented the diverse offerings of live music in the past few years. As a music venue the Exchange is a favourite of artists and fans alike. Hardwood floors and brick interior create a warm resonate sound and a funky atmosphere. The Cultural Exchange is proud to support many local and Saskatchewan artists who successfully hone their talents on our stage before venturing out to more ‘commercial’ venues.


Today the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange, is an organization grounded in values of inclusivity and openness, that delivers art programs to the people of Saskatchewan in collaboration, as clients, as audience, artists and participants. The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange focuses on emerging artists, emerging art practices and developing audiences and clients. The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange delivers programs to the people of Saskatchewan and focuses on audiences, clients and participants in marginalized communities and regions.



In 10 years, the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange will be the number-one artistic development organization in the province, recognized for proactive and strong governance, providing:

emotional connections and responses that are province wide
new, unique events and programs
higher level of multi-disciplinary arts and broader outreach
leveraging existing programs into new offerings
diverse and broader funding for artistic development
culturally diverse and inclusive experiences


We encourage interactive and diverse artistic experiences through creative programming for all people in Saskatchewan.


Accountable and well-governed
Diverse and inclusive