Someone Talked, Tadoma

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Someone Talked, Tadoma

Someone Talked! is a Canadian punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Formed in early 2017 the members of Someone Talked! are no strangers to the Winnipeg music scene. Featuring members from the Naked Midgets, Wayne Manor, and Bring The Fight (Eulogy Recordings) to name a few.

Someone Talked! has established a sound that crosses over skate punk, pop-punk, melodic hardcore, and post. The band has a self-released 6 song EP entitled Ferocious coming out this June 2019. The EP was recorded at Private Ear Recordings in Winnipeg March 2018. Produced and Engineered by Bryce Brennan.

With Guests

Tadoma (Humbolt)


Tuesday, October 8th
10 dollars at door.