Daniel Romano's Outfit - Western Tour 2024 w/ Carson Mchone

The Exchange

Daniel Romano's Outfit - Western Tour 2024 w/ Carson Mchone

Wednesday, April 24

Daniel Romano's Outfit

Carson Mchone

The Exchange - 2431 8th Ave.

This is an all ages and licensed event

Doors at 7:00 pm

$20 Adv $25 Door


Daniel Romano's Outfit

Daniel Romano's Outfit is a Canadian indie rock band shrouded in mystery and known for their high-intensity live performances. The band, which has garnered a reputation as a powerhouse supergroup, is led by Daniel Romano and consists of Carson McHone, Julianna Riolino,  Roddy Rosetti and Ian Ski Romano. 

"The Outfit's live shows are nothing short of explosive, leaving audiences in a state of awe and  wonderment.” (Paste Magazine) 

"Daniel Romano's Outfit are a band like no other, weaving a mysterious and mesmerizing  soundscape that is as haunting as it is electrifying.” (Consequence of Sound) 

Carson and Julianna's flourishing solo careers outside of the Outfit only add to the allure, while  Roddy and Ian have been Daniel's trusted musical collaborators for years. 

The Outfit have made appearances at many major music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Azkena  Rock Fest, End of the Road, Roskilde Festival, among others. 

In 2020 the Outfit dropped several notable records, including a collaboration with Tool drummer Danny Carey on the long-form album, Forever Love’s Fool.  

Daniel Romano's Outfit Do (What Could Have Been) Infidels By Bob Dylan & the Plugz was released in the same year, inspired by a 1984 appearance on Letterman where Dylan performed a song with LA punk band The Plugz. With their own twist, the Outfit reimagined the entire album and answer the question, what if Dylan went punk?  

In 2021, the Outfit released the rock and roll masterclass, Cobra Poems, which infused their signature sound with new swagger and grit. The fiery single "Nocturne Child" is a prime example of the band's electrifying energy. 

In 2022, the Outfit took things to a whole new level with the ambitious release of La Luna,  “…a true masterpiece, showcasing the band's unparalleled musicianship and knack for  crafting deeply atmospheric and emotive music." (Stereogum) 

"With each release, Daniel Romano's Outfit continues to defy genre classification, carving out a  unique space for themselves in the world of music." (Exclaim!)


Carson Mchone

Still Life (Merge Records/Loose Music), Carson McHone’s third album, quivers like a tightrope, with songs about existing within tension and surviving beyond the breaking point. These are stories of sabotage, confusion, and surrender.

"The songs on Still Life probe the permeable boundaries between desolation and exhilaration, isolation and community, failure and hope, loss and love" —No Depression

Still Life invites us to gasp at our own reflection, while acknowledging the unsettling beauty in this breath.

Written in fleeting moments between busy tour schedules in McHone’s home state of Texas, the album was recorded in relative seclusion in southern Ontario in the fall of 2020 with Canadian multi instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Daniel Romano.

The phrasing and tones recall the late 60’s and early 70’s, another era of transition and innovation (think John Cale, The Kinks, Richard and Linda Thompson).

"(Still Life) captures a sense of liberation, of somehow being removed from all that has just gone before. This freedom is reflected in the music as Carson McHone steps confidently away from her more established country roots and arrives at pace with a richer, more complete sound." - God Is In The TV / Simon Godley

McHone has done extensive tours in support of Still Life across the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK, as well as joining forces with Romano as a member of his band, The Outfit, for subsequent albums and tours with the group.



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