Ex Ømerta, The League Of One, The Bloodshots - Postponed

The Exchange

Ex Ømerta, The League Of One, The Bloodshots - Postponed

Ex Ømerta

The League Of One

The Bloodshots


Saturday, April 4th

All Ages/Licensed

Advance Tickets Available at Vintage Vinyl and online at theexchangelive.ca


Ex Ømerta

Convention and compromise are enemies of creativity. They’re also ideas that the three members of Ex Ømerta have outright renounced in their pursuit of undiluted and unadulterated musical exhilaration. The fact is that the Winnipeg-based trio thrives in a setting of controlled chaos, refusing to adhere to any set of rules imposed on them. And they’ve heard their fair share in their time together – drummers can’t be lead singers; Bad Brains and Primus shouldn’t be uttered in the same breath as Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes… Ex Ømerta spits in their figurative faces.



The League of One

Prairie born and metal bred, Regina's League of One is a stoner rock power trio full of give'r and tone to boot. With a sound like no other today, The League is sure to have you captivated from the first note.




The Bloodshots

A kick-ass real rock band. That's it. No gimmick. We live to Rock.