Barf Scabs - Hot Garbage Art Show

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Barf Scabs - Hot Garbage Art Show

Barf Scabs 
Hot Garbage Art Show 

Eight Track Gallery - The Club

December - February

"Hot Garbage is a compilation of old and new works by Barf Scabs, varying thematically from self-reflection to literal monsters in an array of mediums."

Barf Scabs work’s main purpose is a means of conveying who I am as well as why I am. My work is autobiographical, and focuses on mortality, anxiety, alienation, frustration, and relationships, all with an attempted sense of humour. As a whole, in my practice, I work intuitively, and prefer mediums that cannot be corrected or erased. Within Printmaking, I produce variations on conventional colour separations in plate lithography. This is an important choice for me, as it’s typically a method used to carefully reconstitute photographic images. The images I typically choose, however, have been heavily manipulated, making the outcome very different. I take what my plates give to me, and try to work it out on the press. Sometimes I draw. Also, any piece I post on this page (unless stated otherwise) is generally available for purchase. If anything interests you, don't hesitate to message me!